Dr. Carlson uses hypnosis as a useful tool for facilitating change. Hypnosis can be an effective means to reduce anxiety and promote relaxation. He specializes in the practice of hypnosis for:

For irritable bowel syndrome, he uses a seven session protocol over a 13 week period. This protocol was developed by a research group at the Dept. of Medicine, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and has shown to be 80 to 95% effective in reducing symptoms. See www.ibshypnosis.com for further details.

He also uses hypnosis to modify habits (smoking, overeating, weight-loss, etc.). The protocol that he uses for one-session smoking cessation has a success rate of 70% at a one-year follow up.

When appropriate Dr. Carlson provides recordings of sessions and teaches self-hypnosis for daily maintenance of effects.

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